General Overview:  Beginner friendly!  ZZ plants are slow-growing low-light tolerant succulents that can live in most environments.

Light Requirements:  ZZs are low-light tolerant plants. However, it may not grow very much or at all if not given enough light to photosynthesize! ZZs can tolerate pretty much any environment - but they can thrive given bright indirect light.  Direct sunlight may be too harsh and can scorch their leaves.

Water Requirements: Wait till the soil is completely dry before watering.  The base of the stem can store a large amount of water and the soil can be left completely dry for MONTHS.  If watered, it is best to move the ZZ to an area with more light so that it may utilize that water in photosynthesis.  


Other Notes:  Some growths may yellow and flop over time - cut them off!  Healthy tubers will continue to produce new shoots!