General Overview: Originating from dry desert regions, succulents are able to survive long dry seasons by storing water in their leaves!

Light Requirements: Succulents need lots of light - preferable bright morning light then dappled indirect light in the afternoon when it is more harsh.  Have you seen a succulent start to grow long and lanky?? It’s because it’s trying to reach for as much as it can get!  Do your succulent friends a favor and place them in a window and rotate them frequently!

Water Requirements:  Succulent watering needs can vary by the season - in the summers when they are getting more intense sun they can handle more regular watering.  In the winter seasons they can go dormant and may need to be watered only once a month!  Try to avoid letting water sit on their leaves - it may cause rot or attract pests!

Other Notes:  There are over 10,000 known varieties of succulents with more varieties being crossbred by nurseries all the time!