General Overview:  Spathiphyllum - commonly known as Peace Lilies - are originally from the tropical forests of Central America and Southeast Asia.  They are lush plants with green leaves that can flower year round given the right conditions!

Light Requirements: These plants can tolerate low-light environments but do best given indirect bright light - such as sunlight filtered through a sheer white curtain! Keep in mind that the more light you provide - the more water it will use in it’s soil!

Water Requirements: Peace lilies prefer their soil to stay consistently moist - but not overly soggy! Allow your soil to dry 2-3 inches down then water thoroughly! This plant can get dramatic and will wilt if it gets too thirsty - a deep watering will bring it back to life!  Try not to make this a regular occurrence - as inconsistent watering may damage their roots!

Other Notes: Peace lilies appear to do better when they are slightly pot-bound!  So don’t rush to repot your new friend!