A Greenhouse Co-Op logo - a cartoon dancing greenhouse with arms and legs.  One hand is holding up a glass with a few splashes coming out and the other hand has two fingers up to form a "peace" sign.  The Greenhouse's legs are bent as if it is dancing.

What is Cider?

Cider refers to the juice from apples. We source our cider from local farmers, set some aside as-is, and ferment most of it into hard cider (AKA alcoholic cider). 

I don't drink alcohol.  What are my options?

We offer a variety of non-alcoholic options including: sparkling water, sweet cider, and juice spritzers. 

I have a dietary restriction, can I drink your stuff?

We aim to make beverages that everyone can enjoy! All of our beverages are gluten free. We offer many non-alcoholic and vegan options as well.  We mark everything  on our labels and menus, but please contact us at william@greenhousecoop.com if you have any other questions or concerns.